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Flying squirrel coming in hot!

deer and squirrel


VIDEO: Dramatic rescue of two deer with locked antlers drowning in a lake

Monticello, IN: A large 10 point buck and smaller 8 point buck got their horns locked together in an altercation.  Two hunters were able to free the deer from a watery grave by untangling them. Sadly, the smaller 8 point was killed during this process. The actual rescue process took about 30 minutes. Here is an edited version.


Bummer Birthmark



Deer Prank


Paintball bow and arrow?

Yep, it’s called the Airo Gun. Buy it here.

paintball-airow-gun paintball-airow-gun paintball-airow-gun

Clean underwear needed in 3, 2, 1…

This might be what happens when you buy a Groupon for a safari.

Looking for lions on a safari.
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Trick shooting with Tom Knapp

Tom Knapp is “The Shooting Star,” and one of today’s greatest exhibition shooters. A true living legend, Tom has achieved 3 world records for hand-thrown clay targets. He is regarded as the finest ambassador that American shooting sports has ever known.

Tom Knapp

Nope, it’s just Chuck Testa

Chuck Testa is a master at taxidermy. He is the owner of Ojai Valley Taxidermy and has a new TV commercial that is brilliant and funny. I’d let this guy handle my hunting kill. Enjoy!

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