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The Minnesota Wild 2014 Playoff Schedule

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The Wild playoff schedule:
Gm1: Thurs 4/16 8:30pm @ Col
Gm2: Sat 4/19 8:30pm @ Col
Gm3: Mon 4/21 7pm @ MN

TUE MAY 13, 2014 BLACKHAWKS WILD – 8:00 PM TSN, CNBC (Directv 355 in Minnesota)

ROUND 2: The Wild Playoff Schedule Against Chicago Blackhawks

“Loser Keeps Bieber” Billboard

Stakes Raised in Canada-USA Olympic Hockey Game.

Stakes Raised in Canada-USA Olympic Hockey Game

2 shits in 20:58 minutes of ice-time

Brad Richards has some really interesting hockey stats.

2 shits in 20:58 minutes of ice-time


Concussions taking a toll in NHL

Concussions taking a toll in NHL
(via The Whatever)

Don Cherry’s Piano Desk

Funny video clip of Canadian ice hockey commentator, Donald Stewart “Grapes” Cherry (commonly referred to as Don Cherry). He’s known for his outspoken manner, flamboyant dress, and staunch patriotism. Until now, we had no idea he had a piano hidden in his sports desk.


Receipt for the Bruins’ bar tab after winning the Stanley Cup

What?! No boneless buffalo bites? Here is the receipt for the Bruins’ bar tab after winning the Stanley Cup. The total is $156,679.74. Danielle was the server. If she was tipped the standard 20%, she walked with more than $31,000. I wonder if she had to share? Also, who’s the Sally who ordered the Amstel Light?  (via 22 Words)

I’ve been thinking (Chapter 1)…

I’ve been thinking…

1991 Twins

Could the Minnesota Twins go from worst to first like they did in 1991?

How can politicians and business leaders from around the world meet in secrecy at a Swiss resort this past weekend and it not be covered by the mainstream media? See leaked Bilderberg list.

gay rights

Do supporters of gay marriage in Minnesota realize that boycotting the Basillica Block Party would only take away money from the homeless?

If home daycare providers form a union and decide to go on strike, who would they bargain with? They are self-employed! (news story)

Bruins fan allegedly stabbed in neck during riot

I am seriously considering not wearing a team jersey if I am watching a sporting event in a different city. With Bruins fans being stabbed in Vancouver and Giants fans being beaten in Los Angeles, I think I’ll dress a little more inconspicuously.