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Watch your step

Biggie Smalls.


Biggie music here

Spooky Black

spooky black

Who is Spooky Black? Just an Internet monster with the voice of an angel.

He hails from St. Paul, Minn. and is America’s answer to Yung Lean. But nevermind that. Back in February, he hit us in the head with a video for “Without You.” Imagine singing this to your crush while rocking a turtle neck, a 14K First Communion chain, and either a white stocking cap or black durag even though you can’t get waves. All that equals waterworks, she won’t be able to resist. Trust. via Complex

Despite his chosen aesthetic, or perhaps in part because of it, Spooky Black has become something of an internet sensation. Spooky’s “Without You” has received over a million views on YouTube and his “Black Silk” mixtape is the focus of a growing cult following. Buy his album here.

The identity and true motivations of this artist are unfortunately still a mystery however for at the time of writing, Spooky Black will have yet to conduct a single interview.

Hangin’ With The Homies Air Fresheners


Hangin’ With The Homies is collection of air fresheners featuring the faces of the dopest hip hop artists. We’ve got my boys Snoop, Tupac, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and Dr. Dre. What would you hang in your whip? What do they smell like? I don’t know, but I would advise you not to get pulled over with one of these in your car. Buy them here.



Lizzo – The new Minneapolis music artist you need to be following

Photo by Garrett Born

Photo by Garrett Born

Want to be the cool kid that “discovered” some awesome new music before they got big? Look no further than Minneapolis rapper/singer Lizzo. The group just-released their debut album, LIZZOBANGERS, and it’s packed with some impossible rhymes and serious hooks.

The track is called “T-Baby,” and you should probably check it out below.

Official Sitetotallygrossnationalproduct.com/artists/lizzo

Beets by Dre

Sound. Attitude. Culture. Salad.

Beets by Dre


The Birth of Death Row

Snoop. Puff. Biggie.

Talent rap

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C’mon Coolio. The Fantastic Voyage has come to an end.


Coolio: The Ghetto Gourmet
James Morrison performing acoustic cover Gangsta’s Paradise

Just a friend

Just a friend

Download here.

Kris Kross today

The wait is over. The hip-hop duo is set to reunite. Full story.

kris kross reunite

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DMX does us the honors of spittin’ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


Wasn’t that great. DMX should be the spokesperson for Mucinex.

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