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Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence

I’ve never been a huge Disturbed fan, but this song was well covered. Worth a downloadSimon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence is over half a century old now, but they managed to put a fresh spin on it.


New Music: St. Paul & The Broken Bones

St. Paul & The Broken Bones

If you like Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, then you need to go out and buy the latest from a group out of Alabama called St. Paul & The Broken Bones. Here is a video of them performign at the Avondale Brewery in Birmingham, AL. The song is called “Don’t Mean a Thing”. They are the real deal folks.

The album version of this song here.

Doomtree “Gray Duck” (Official Music Video)

Pretty sure they were in the parking lot of the Walker Art Center at the end of this video.

See Doomtree on tour in the US: http://gctrl.co/doomtreepresale
Pre-order the album ALL HANDS

Mötley Crüe’s “Too Young to Fall in Love” like you’ve never heard before

Chelsea Lankes was born in Texas, but her sound is full-bodied Swedish synth-pop, by way of Los Angeles back alleys. On her new cover of Mötley Crüe’s “Too Young to Fall in Love,” the singer reinterprets the hair metal classic with electropop guitars, digitally altered background vocals, and a rebellious drumbeat.

What do you think? Buy the song here.


VERSKOTZI – “Sleepless One”

New music and video for Joey Verskotzi’s new single called, “Sleepless One” off of the new EP “Waving.” Directed by Tony Franklin.

Joey Verskotzi: Sleepless One
Directed by: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: Eric Schleicher
Assistant Director: Stephanie Johnson
Produced by: Bobbi Peacock
Talent: Kevin Jay
Sound Production: Nick Mihalevich
Locations by: Charlotte Ariss
Creative Editing by: Mick Uzendoski
Lighting: Michael Handley/Tasty Lighting
PA: Alexanderrick Stevens
Thanks to Vegas Lounge
Thanks to Jacob Pedrazzini for the sweet car

Spooky Black

spooky black

Who is Spooky Black? Just an Internet monster with the voice of an angel.

He hails from St. Paul, Minn. and is America’s answer to Yung Lean. But nevermind that. Back in February, he hit us in the head with a video for “Without You.” Imagine singing this to your crush while rocking a turtle neck, a 14K First Communion chain, and either a white stocking cap or black durag even though you can’t get waves. All that equals waterworks, she won’t be able to resist. Trust. via Complex

Despite his chosen aesthetic, or perhaps in part because of it, Spooky Black has become something of an internet sensation. Spooky’s “Without You” has received over a million views on YouTube and his “Black Silk” mixtape is the focus of a growing cult following. Buy his album here.

The identity and true motivations of this artist are unfortunately still a mystery however for at the time of writing, Spooky Black will have yet to conduct a single interview.

8th grade metal band lands $1.7 million record contract with Sony

Metal Band

Guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins, and drummer Jarad Dawkins 12, just signed a two-record deal with Sony. Unlocking the Truth, the trio of Brooklyn 8th graders was discovered performing in Washington Square Park back by Steve Jordan, drummer for Eric Clapton. That led to gigs playing across the country, including opening for Guns ‘N’ Roses in Vegas, a current spot on the Vans Warped Tour, a gig with Queens of the Stone Age next weekend, and even an opening slot on Coachella’s main stage. This proves again that besides talent, success is being in the right place at the right time knowing the right people.

Photo credit: Mark Weiss

Photo credit: Mark Weiss

Holy Hip-Hop

rizen main

Christian Hip Hop has a large enough fan base today to land rappers on the Billboard charts next to Rick Ross, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. Christian Hip Hop is now infiltrating the mainstream in a big way and Rizen is helping pave the straight and narrow path. RIZEN was born in Brooklyn & raised in South Jamaica Queens.

Here is how to hear more.
(Mixtape)  and (Mixtape)



Jam of the day: 3 Random Dudes

A YouTuber posts video of a guy playing guitar and signing. The beat was so good, that two other random guys walk up and start laying it down with him. The end result could be the start to a new musical group. Spread the word and let’s get these guys in the studio.

Jaime Maldonado | via

Robert Leo Newton Album Review

Robert Leo Newton

My first impression of Robert Leo Newton’s new CD, Coyote, was that the cover looked like a cross between Paul Simon’s “Graceland” and a Meat Puppets album. Upon examining the case and insert I was expecting to hear a gritty, slightly weird punk album. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but I must say I was still pleasantly surprised.

The album opens with a sparse guitar and voice piece, “Let’s Do Something”. It’s a happy go lucky romp that introduces you to the singer. Robert’s voice is a bit of young, slightly nasal baritone that gets a little raspy at times. Halfway through the song the pseudo-psychedelic sound effects kick in. I’m personally not a big fan of Ravi-Shankar space-sitar sounds, but they complement the simple arrangement. The song is short and to the point.

Track two brings a full band into the mix. The grooving rocker “Aint it Great?” gets your foot tapping a little more and exhibits an experienced songwriter with catchy melodies and interesting, if slightly cryptic, lyrical sensibilities. The guitar solo in the middle section of the song lets us know that Mr. Newton isn’t afraid to show off his chops a little bit, and may be a bit of a jazzer. This tune also wraps up promptly and is probably my favorite song on the CD.

Other highlights of the album include “Planted in Sand”, a brooding minor folk ballad with some nice harmonies and intriguing storytelling; “Baby Can’t Play No More”, an acoustic tune with a Latin feel and interesting percussion; and “All The Way” in which Robert croons like some kind of folk-singer version of Jim Morrison.  The album wraps up with another acoustic number complete with spacey sounds and sentimental balladry.

I was impressed to read that Robert played all of the instruments himself on the record. The playing is reserved for the most part, and most of the time the instruments serve the song. Overall, the songwriting is a bit conservative, but genuine and integral. There is a clear love for the American tradition of songwriting tinged with the attitude of Rock and Roll. Audiophiles will likely not be too crazy about the production quality. There were a few times where I had to adjust the volume between tracks and a little extra care for compression would have been nice. The production does not stand in the way of the songs though, and listeners of the indie and punk variety should have no problem.

Coyote is a strong effort by a gifted songwriter and lyricist. With a little more effort put into the audio engineering aspect Mr. Newton has the right tools to craft an exceptional Rock and Roll album, and Coyote is a good taste of what that may be.

His website can be viewed here.
View his video here
Listen on SoundCloud here