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1985 McDonald’s McDLT Commercial with Jason Alexander

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What a well-dressed beer drinker is wearing these days

Throw back Grain Belt Premium ad from 1975.

Beer Drinker Grain Belt


Bryan Cranston Carnation Coffeemate commercial (1988)

Bryan Cranston, long before cooking meth, dealt Carnation Coffeemate. A doubter, he was. For shame.

Picks up more women


Anti-litter ad from 1955

Anti-litter ad in the middle of Times Square. (via Copy Ranter)

nti-litter ad in the middle of Times Square

Hair advice for men – circa 1974

Hair advice for men – circa 1974. Sexy? Um, the jury is still out on that. (via My Ear Trumpet)


Sexist retro advertising

I think we have come a long way in terms of gender equality in the U.S. If you want some proof of that, take a looksie at the sexism in these vintage advertisments. (via)

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