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They do say to roll into a fall

This baby takes a tumble in an adorable way.

They roll fall

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Things all parents say

If you’re a parent, you have said all of these things. Enjoy the laugh.

Books on parenting.

We are parents first

Funny video from Similac pokes some fun at the differences in parenting styles out there, but weaves in one common thread at the end. Worth a watch.

Cool baby strollers and carriers


Parenting at home vs in public

Parenting at home vs in public


Recommended parenting books.

Bathroom Changing Tables

bathroom changing table


Check out these baby changing tables.

Nothing But Tears Shampoo

nothing but tears


Kids Make The Darndest Threats

9-year-old Bailey writes a passive-aggressive note to parents before a long-overdue haircut.

Kids Make The Darndest Threats of the Day
(via The Daily What)