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Boy asks Santa to make kids stop bullying his sister


The financially struggling single mother of fraternal twins recently asked her 8-year-olds to write down a list of things they would like from Santa.

Suffern felt tears fill her eyes as she read her son’s letter asking Santa to help stop the bullying his overweight sister was experiencing at school.

Ryan-and-Amber-Letter-to-SantaKids can be so cruel.

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There was also this one.

Conner Hart

Conner Hart
More funny yearbook quotes.

Supervision FAIL

WTF? This is shocking.

Go home and unplug the TV and computer if you have kids.

Best day of gym class ever

Pretty much went full on mental when I saw these at the start of gym class as a kid. Buy them here.

wooden scooter

The answer to my secret question on secure websites

Who was your Kindergarten teacher?

Who was your Kindergarten teacher?

The Parachute

This was one of my favorite memories of school as a kid. When the gym teacher broke this out, all the kids came unglued. Go buy one here.

When the gym teacher broke this out, all the kids came unglued.

First day of kindergarten

This poor kid is not so sure about this whole school thing. I did the same thing on my first day of kindergarden. So much so that my mother had to sit outside the classroom the entire day. I eventually got over it. However, I did still feel like crying on the first day of each subsequent year all the way through college. It even happens now as an adult on Mondays when I start the work week.

I wish I could say it gets better kid, but it doesn’t.