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Holiday Fashion

Holiday Fashion

Breaking News in Mexico!

Breaking News!



Do the curtains match the carpet?

hairy dude


An 11-year-old Thai child in Bankok was just named by the Guinness World Record’s as the world’s hairiest girl.

Darren wants a drama-free relationship

Drama Free

I think that’s a reasonable request.



Telephone calls from the dead

Telephone calls from the dead

Ph.D. researcher at the University of Northampton, Cal Cooper,  has researched telephone calls from the dead and written a book about it. He’s detailed four types of phenomenal phone calls, with the first being a simple, short call from someone known to be deceased. There have also been reports of calls, either incoming or outgoing, with a deceased person where the conversation is much longer and the living person does not find out, until later, that the individual on the other line had already died. Cooper also highlights a fourth type of anomalous call where a person thinks about calling someone, but doesn’t, and then hears from their intended recipient who insists they had talked earlier in the day. (via)

Creepy stuff. Buy the book here and listen to his interview here.

Every time I look at the clock

Okay, I know this is weird. It seems like every time I look at the clock, it’s 9:11. I usually see this once per day. In the car, at home, out in public. It freaks me out. Does this happen to anyone else?

9-11 clock

Freak Streets

Mental Floss highlighted something we have all wondered about. How do some street names get approved? A few years ago, in a poll sponsored by Mitsubishi, some of the best/worst names were honored, including Psycho Path (Traverse City, MI), Divorce Court (Heather Highlands, PA), and the Houston intersection of Clinton and Fidelity. If you want to add a street you think has a crazy name, or see what has already been submitted in your town, click on over to FreakStreets.com. What are some poorly named streets in Minnesota?