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Haunted House For Rent

Haunted House For Rent

This guy must be the realtor.

The house to own during a nuclear attack

The late Girard “Jerry” G. Henderson, an entrepreneur who made his fortune at Avon Products and a strong desire to protect his family from the atom bomb, spent millions creating the perfect nuclear hideaway. Now his 16,000-square-foot underground house, situated in southeast Las Vegas at 3970 Spencer St., is on the market. (Click here to go to the listing.)

Underground house with yard (fake grass)

Underground house with yard (fake grass)

BBQ grill in rock venting to outside

BBQ grill in rock venting to outside

Gotta have a pool!

Gotta have a pool!

70s chic bathroom. I'd poop here.

70s chic bathroom. I’d poop here.

Check out more amazing photos of this 70s era underground bunker here.

Thanks Junior


‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ House Is For Sale

Pictures of Troy Aikman’s New House


Troy paid $4,250,000. Full story.

Photos from CandysDirt.com

Funny RE/MAX For Sale Sign

This is some brilliant marketing. To spice up a listing that has gone stale for months, Jake Palmer, a RE/MAX agent based in Saint John in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, decided to use humor to attract prospective buyers.

remax sign

He apparently does lots of different funny signs. Check them out here.