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Pictures of Troy Aikman’s New House


Troy paid $4,250,000. Full story.

Photos from CandysDirt.com

The top 10 dying industries in the United States

1. Photofinishing
2. Newspaper publishing
3. Appliance repair
4. DVD, game, and video rental
5. Money market and other banking
6. Recordable media manufacturing
7. Hardware manufacturing
8. Shoe and footwear manufacturing
9. Costume and team uniform manufacturing
10. Women’s and girls’ apparel manufacturing

If your job involves one of the above, you are an endangered species. What are you doing about it?

Washington Post

Outrageous Job Applications

Apparently, 75,000 Applied for 2,000 Chicago McJobs. If this news doesn’t tell you the economy and job market is still bad, then look at these for hire postings and job applications. (via Runt of the Web)