Increase in strange sounds in sky being recorded

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe is researching a large number of strange and unexplained horn-like sounds filling the air since March 2011 and the possible causes. The phenomenon surfaced after a number of videos were uploaded on YouTube from such divergent places as Norway, Costa Rica, Tennessee and Kiev, Ukraine. The sounds, like the one recorded below, sound like trains and are described as the sky groaning.

There must be some 50 YouTube videos now circulating from many places in North America and from different countries around the world with strange, often unexplained, sounds recorded over the past year since at least March 2011. Do a search for them yourself and make your own judgment call.

These accounts aren’t always from the wackos and conspiracy theory folks either. Mainstream media is reporting on it more frequently too.

Some think the sounds are from some secret government testing. Others think the sounds are extraterrestrial. Many are also making the connections of these sounds to the Bible and the book of Revelation (Chapters 8 and 9) where it talks about the the opening of the seventh seal and angels blowing trumpets.

Whatever the explanation, the sounds are creepy and must be amazingly frightening to experience first hand. Next time you are outside, take a moment to stop and listen to your surroundings. Is the Earth trying to tell us something? Below is another video that shows many eyewitness accounts from all over. It’s worth watching and listening to.