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Mötley Crüe’s “Too Young to Fall in Love” like you’ve never heard before

Chelsea Lankes was born in Texas, but her sound is full-bodied Swedish synth-pop, by way of Los Angeles back alleys. On her new cover of Mötley Crüe’s “Too Young to Fall in Love,” the singer reinterprets the hair metal classic with electropop guitars, digitally altered background vocals, and a rebellious drumbeat.

What do you think? Buy the song here.


Mötley Crüe – On With The Show (LIVE)

One of my favorite Crue songs (1983). Here is video of the group performing it live in 2007.


Frankie died just the other night
Some say it was suicide
But we know
How the story goes

With his six string knife
And his street wise pride
The boy was a man before his time
And she knew
All their dreams would come true

But ya see, Frankie was fast
Too fast to know
He wouldn’t go slow
Until his lethal dose
And she knows
He’ll finally come too close

Well, on with the show
Going on with the show
Come on baby
No, no, no
Oh my, my, my. . . . . . (repeat)

He was bad
He was never good
But one thing that he understood
And she knew
All those lies would come true

The time has come and
He’s paid his dues
Suzy finally got the news
She always knew
This day would come soon

(Chorus) (Chorus)

He was stopped on a dime
With a switchblade knife
Some damn punk went and took Frankie’s life
And she knew
She’d have to pull through

Broken down, with his broken dreams
With a wink of an eye
Said Suzy, listen to me
You must go
On with the show

Go on with the show
Going on with the show
Come on baby
No no no
Oh my my my my. . . . . . (repeat)

Oh baby

Brad Pitt cuts his hair

via Splash News Online

via Splash News Online

Had he kept his hair long, he could have starred in any upcoming biopic about Vince Neil.

Monday Music Rewind: “You’re All I Need” Mötley Crüe

"You're All I Need" Mötley Crüe

“You’re All I Need” is a Mötley Crüe song written by Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee, released on the album Girls, Girls, Girls.

The song was praised by Jon Bon Jovi as “the best ballad Mötley Crüe have ever written”. When informed of this Nikki Sixx laughed because of the gruesome meaning behind the song.

The song is about a girlfriend that Nikki Sixx had who he believed cheated on him with Jack Wagner, an actor on General Hospital, who had a song out called “All I Need”. Nikki switched the purpose of it and wrote his version and gave it to his girlfriend. Sixx wrote the song with no intention of recording it, but the rest of the band praised the song and it was recorded for the Girls, Girls, Girls album. In Nikki’s book The Heroin Diaries, there is a journal entry from the time when the song was written, and he explains that Tommy Lee was playing the song on the piano, and Nikki wrote the lyrics for the piano part.

Even though the video was not particularly violent (except for the lyrics), the video was banned from MTV, due to the realistic gruesome scenes depicting domestic abuse, murder, and subsequent arrest.

Buy the song here.

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Tommy Lee’s Drum Rollercoaster

Motley Crue fans who see them on tour this summer will get to see Tommy Lee’s latest drum rollercoaster innovation. Check it out below.

This type of thing is not new for Tommy. He has always worked hard to make the drummer stand out and look cool during a show. Here’s an example of what he did back in 1987.

If only he knew how ridiculous he sounds saying the F word.