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Jellyfish dating life struggles

jellyfish dating

Reassuring Headline Of The Day

Reassuring Headline Of The Day

Thank God!


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Monday Music Rewind: Imperial Drag “Boy or a Girl”

imperial drag
Imperial Drag was an American rock band, active from 1994 to 1997. The group, formed after the breakup of Jellyfish, released one album and scored one rock hit single in the U.S. before disbanding. The group’s glam rock-influenced image, however, failed to win fans over in the wake of the grunge era. I remember discovering them in July of 1996 at the Taste of Minnesota. The show was still one of the best live shows I have seen. I still enjoy the album to this day and urge you to rediscover them yourself.

The lead singer, Eric Dover, auditioned as lead vocalist for the first solo album by Slash of Guns N’ Roses. Dover recorded vocals on the Slash’s Snakepit album It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere before rejoining keyboardist Roger Manning (Jellyfish) in the Imperial Drag. Dover has also been a session musician for Alice Cooper. He now fronts a band called Sextus.

Buy the song Boy or a Girl here.

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The Lions Mane jellyfish

The Lions Mane jellyfish (shown here) is the largest known spices of jellyfish. They measure about 8 ft in bell diameter. The largest known specimen was around 120 ft in length (longer than blue whales). These jellyfish live in the boreal waters of the Arctic, northern Atlantic, and northern Pacific Oceans. Pretty cool huh? I have been told that pictures 1 and 3 are Namura jellyfish. More on the Lions Mane Jellyfish here. 

Lions Mane jellyfish

World’s largets jellysfish
Source: Today I learned

Source: Today I Learned