The Lions Mane jellyfish

The Lions Mane jellyfish (shown here) is the largest known spices of jellyfish. They measure about 8 ft in bell diameter. The largest known specimen was around 120 ft in length (longer than blue whales). These jellyfish live in the boreal waters of the Arctic, northern Atlantic, and northern Pacific Oceans. Pretty cool huh? I have been told that pictures 1 and 3 are Namura jellyfish. More on the Lions Mane Jellyfish here. 

Lions Mane jellyfish

World’s largets jellysfish
Source: Today I learned

Source: Today I Learned

2 responses to “The Lions Mane jellyfish

  1. You sound like the expert. These were pulled from another great blog and I had to reason to doubt their info. If you’re right, I stand corrected. Either way, they are just awesome to look at anyway.


  2. the jellyfish in second picture is actually a lion’s mane, but the others are Namura jellyfhish….. sorry, look up better your sources