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Really tired this morning

Avoided disaster with the Keurig this morning.


[via Bro My God]

Good deals on Keurig’s here.

The best part of waking up

The best part of waking up


My morning coffee is serious business

Death Before Decaf


Hipster joke

Hipster joke


Ryan Gosling Coffee Mug

For all you ladies out there. Buy it here.
Ryan Gosling Coffee Mug

Coffee Talk

Finally an anti-sidewalk coffee shop sign.

funny sign

Cream or sugar, or in the butt?


Caffeine suppositories

Me every morning before coffee

The Incredible Hulk Drinking coffee on set.

The Incredible Hulk Drinking coffee on set.

Mobile espresso maker

Handpresso Auto has a cool new espresso maker for your car. Tiny little espresso glass not included. Go buy it here.

Mobile espresso maker by Handpresso Auto
(via inspire me now)

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Instant human

Arguably the most important building block of human existence. (via)

Instant Human Just Add Coffee