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Who had a great 4th of July?

This guy, that’s who.

party picture

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Reverse Beer Bong

Do this at your next holiday party.

Reverse Beer Bong

Parenting: Am I doing this right?

swing set

Too Much To Drink Fail Compilation

Hilarious compilation of people that clearly had too much to drink.

Budweiser: Welcome Home Troops!

bud welcomes home troops

Creativity Fluid

Fill. Drain. Repeat.

Fill. Drain. Repeat.
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The First Beer In Space

On May 27th, 2011 Natty Light officially became The First Beer In Space. Here’s is how they did it. The entire flight was filmed with POV styling as the can of beer entered the “Nattosphere.” The video is actually quite breathtaking. Amazing the camera caught the flight (and fall) without breaking.

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Note: This event took place on May 27th, with clearance and approval from the FAA. The documented footage was posted on-line November 18th.

PBR me

Toronto based illustrator and designer, Dave Murray, uses the cubist style made famous by Pablo Picasso for his ongoing ‘Beer Series,’ a collection of prints dedicated to his favorite brews. You can buy any of his prints here.

Cubism-Inspired Beer Prints

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I’ll only drink beer that’s brewed like this

I’ll only drink beer that’s brewed like this.

Publicis Mojo created an commercial showing the many levels of super that go into making Hahn Super Dry Beer. I’d say they pretty much nailed it.

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