Dallas attorney kills 880-pound alligator

Apparently a Dallas attorney killed 880-pound alligator. Don’t know if it’s true or now, but the pictures are amazing if they are real.

From story: This 880 pound alligator was killed near the Trinity River in Leon County during gator season. Dallas Attorney Levi G. McCathern II shot the huge alligator on a sandbar, but it rolled into deep water. The Alligator is among the five largest recorded since the 1980’s when modern records began being kept. Pictured on the left is Ryan Burton and on the right, Steve Barclay.

880 pound gator880 pound gator

2 responses to “Dallas attorney kills 880-pound alligator

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  2. Now that’s a lotta gator tail bites…. But don’t think I would have killed him…. Steve Erwin wouldn’t have approved!