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Notable stories from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Ben Afquack the Drumming Duck

ben afquack

Source: Fox 9 Minneapolis

Ben Afquack is a Twin Cities 11-month-old duck that can play the drums. He bangs his cute little webbed feet on bongos and snare drums and appears to be able to hold a beat.

Ben Afquack lives in St. Paul with his 29-year-old human owner, Derek Johnson.

They can be followed on the Instagram account @minnesotaducka


Florida “dealing” with cold temps

Minnesotan’s could teach them a thing or two.

florida cold



A Door Knob in Minnesota at -41°C

So cold outside that even the cold wants to get in.

mn cold



Winona visits Winona

winona ryder

Source: Winona Post

Minnesota native and star of hit TV show “Stranger Things” was spotted with film crews in Winona, MN today. The Winona Post reported film crews are taping a national commercial for a technology startup company.

We Dat!

saints fans flipping bird.jpg

The Minnesota Vikings pulled off an amazing (and unexpected) 26-20 win against the Saints today to advance in the playoffs.

Here is the winning TD reception by Rudolph.


Ice Skating on sidewalks in Minnesota

Check out @marknorgren’s Tweet:

Source @marknorgren

Sometimes we get freezing rain that allows us to ice skate down our sidewalks!


O.J. Simpson has some cutting words for Kirk Cousins

I feel you O.J.


Good game Boomer

Mike Zimmer wasn’t in the mood to shake hands after the Vikings disappointing loss to the Pack last night on MNF.



Kirk Cousins last night #Vikings

Frick em!

cousins sleep



Greta Thunberg when you say “Duck Duck Gray Duck”

greta thunberg

She also get’s this face when you subscribe this blog from the driver’s seat of your Hummer H2.