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Top 15 Names Most Associated With Crazy Women


It seems people have forgotten what a real martyr is. 



Weird Satanist Guy

A news report about a Satan statue being unveiled in Detroit brought out some pretty interesting characters. One interviewed in this news story is a bit terrifying though. Let’s get him on a watch list people! And by watch list, I mean his own TV show! But really, he’ll probably be or next mass shooter…

0:59 – 1:39 solid gold. 1:50 – 2:36 Even more solid-er gold.


Animal psychic says she has communicated with Cecil the lion

Facebook / Karen Anderson-Animal Communicator, Author

Facebook / Karen Anderson-Animal Communicator, Author

A real-life Dr. Doolittle named Karen Sanderson says she can talk to animals. She claims to have “spoken” to Cecil the dead lion. Turns out he’s quite the chatterbox.

cecil the lion

The lion was shot dead by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer recently and caused quite the stir among hunters and animal rights folks.

He spoke to me too and said he’d like to move on and “get back to chowing all these gazelles they got up here in Heaven.”


Thanks Brooke