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Quarantine Drumming: In the Air Tonight solo

In The Air Tonight drum solo: Quarantine edition

via ClassicDadMoves

Phil Collins comes out of retirement with a middle school band
10 things you didn’t know about Phil Collins


VIDEO: Skydiver gets knocked out cold before his chute is opened

This video shows how dangerous freefly/angles can get when skydiving. Meat missiles are dangerous. Don’t be a meat missile.


Grandma Falls Out of Tandem Skydive Harness
Cool skydiving video


DeNiro, Pesci and Pacino watch The Irishman in quarantine

Al Foran Comedy presents an amazing impression of DeNiro, Pesci and Pacino dealing with the COVID-19 quarantine. WARNING: Lots of swearing.


Trance Guitar

The Showhawk Duo bonded TEDxKlagenfurt’s audience with their spectacular approach to playing the guitar.

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The Showhawk Duo


Man brings a dead raccoon into a McDonald’s in San Francisco

Craziness unfolded in San Francisco when a man brought a dead raccoon into a McDonald’s and set it on the table. Emotional support animal?

Warning strong language.

Via @iheartmindy’s


Salma Hayek iconic dance scene

Salma Hayek dancing in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. She was 30 years old when this movie was filmed in 1996.

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What does Coronavirus taste like?

Let’s ask this eager litter carrier. Now you know why they are closing schools everywhere.

Thanks Junior


Taking the stairs with your bike

What could go wrong? Oh yeah, balls.

Bike jump fail
Photo Bomb Biker
Biggest lake bike jump ever
Trying to hit a jump on a bike with wet pavement


Taekwondo student nails massive leap

Pretty sure it stops being taekwondo and starts being gymnastics at that point.

VIDEO: Ultimate Martial Arts Fails
VIDEO: MMA knockouts in slow motion
Real-Life Self Defense with Krav Maga