Bullying or Assault? Australian boy fights back

A new video has emerged featuring an Australian boy named Casey ‘Little Zangief’ Heynes standing up to a school bully.

Heynes, a pupil at Chifley College Dunheved’s Campus in New South Wales, first takes a punch in the face from a smaller kid named Richard Gale, but avoids fighting until it’s obvious the attack is not going to stop.

Heynes grabs his bully, picks him up and delivers a stunning piledriver into the merciless asphalt.

Both kids were suspended.

First off, I applaud this kid for standing up for himself. He will do fine in life, and this was a good learning lesson for that tiny dipwad who started it.

Bullying has become topic du jour across the U.S. lately. When I was a boy in school, fights like this happened on a regular basis. It is a problem. After this video came out, I heard teachers commenting that the bigger boy should not have fought back and that there is never a reason for violence. I think that is bullshit. Teachers who say this are being a bit ridiculous. Richard Gale needed to get stomped, and I am glad he got what was coming.

There is a difference between bullying and assault. Casey Heynes was assaulted here. He defended himself after showing amazing constraint. His parents should go to the police and file charges. The school should expel the antagoniser.

I believe YouTube has pulled this video now. Try watching here on CBS.

He now has a Facebook Fan page that has 80,000+ fans!

6 responses to “Bullying or Assault? Australian boy fights back

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  2. I know that “bullying” is the buzzword, but c’mon, doesn’t bullying mean that the victim is outnumbered, has less strength, or is at a disadvantage somehow? To me this was just blind stupidity no the part of the skinny kid, who was trying to impress the girls in the background at the beginning of the video, and stupidly thought that Casey wold not strike back. Casey is 4 years older and probably 50 pounds heavier, how could the smaller kid be a “bully”?
    Kudos to Casey, he reacted when provoked, and thrashed his antagonizer. Once it was clear that little guy was through with his mischief, because he was temporarily disabled, Casey walked away-he did not stay and pummel small boy, which would have been wrong.


  3. Great point, Joyce and I agree with what you said. Casey Heynes is not at fault for what happened and I don’t blame him for losing it after enduring it for so long. I believe Chifely College is to be blamed for turning a blind eye and doing nothing when Casey was bullied over and over again. Therefore, Chifely College needs to wake up, start taking bullying seriously and put an end to Casey’s bullying days for good. No child deserves to be harassed and pushed around from day 1 at school until graduation day.

    As for Richard Gale and the other bullies in that school, shame on you all. You think you are all high and mighty just because you pick on a kid who is different. So, you better change for the better because you bullies are no better than a bunch of criminals who pick on the weak and innocent.


  4. Your last two sentences sum up my thoughts perfectly Joyce. He was cornered for the most part with a “camera crew” to his left, the bully at his front, and a wall at his back. Sometimes you have to defend yourself with physical violence.

    Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by!


  5. I agree this little bully needed to be taught a lesson.
    I also wonder about the teachers who say there’s never a reason for violence. How about when unwarranted attacks force someone to defend themselves or someone else? Which is VIOLENCE? Which is unnecessary? When was Casey expected to go to the school authorities? Before or after he was pulverized by a bully with his bully friends taking videos of the attack?

    What I will say is I’m sorry that Casey was pushed to the point where he struck back so hard he could have caused irreparable damage to this little twit. Twit could have hit his head causing any number of ripple effect catastrophe’s. He might even have dislocated his hip, broken bones … the list goes on.

    Until bullies are prosecuted and taught to have respect and compassion and self confidence enough so they no longer have to make someone small so they appear big … then teachers are going to have to patrol the paths children take to go to other classes. Schools are going to have to be proactive and more aggressive toward bullies and not just across the board punish everyone. THAT creates anger from victims … which could potentially cause and even bigger issue.

    If by law you can defend yourself without facing criminal charges, then Casey falls in that category. THAT’S THAT!
    Teach the bullies to stop bullying, teach the victims how NOT to be victimized.


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