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If my summer was a festival, here is what the poster would look like

Homeeroo _summef_festival_poster

The thing about inspiration

The only true thing you may hear all day.

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Dating Truth




Gym membership

New years resolution

The best 12 seconds of your life


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Being inspired by something online

insprired online
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New Video of Challenger Disaster Surfaces After 24 Years

On a chilly January morning in 1986, Corydon optometrist Jack Moss raised his new video camera to the sky over central Florida and captured one of the darkest moments in American space exploration the explosion of the shuttle Challenger.

I have chills. I remember watching this in my 4th grade classroom and not fully grasping the tradgedy I had just witnessed.

If you are interested in the Challenger story, I hear this book explores some of the controversy around it.