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New years resolution

1-Second Abs

1-Second Abs

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Ultimate Exercise Ball Fails

Video compilation of people being rocked by exercise balls.

Shake Weighting in Public

Nothing wrong with with a little upper body workout in public unless your back is turned.

Go buy yourself a Shake Weight here.

Take the stairs

Street art with a message.

Street art with a message.
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Video clips of people biting it on treadmills

Watching people get owned by exercise equipment is a great way to kick off the work week. I hope the pain and humiliation from these videos makes you feel better about yourself. 🙂 Oh, and if you like the song that accompanies this video, you can download it here.

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How much cocaine was around in 1988?

How much cocaine was around in 1988? This video answers that question I think. I had no idea shows like this existed back in the day, but as Best Roof Talk Ever suggested, it might be due for a comeback.