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Dating Truth



Weight class = Berserk

This little wrestler means business. “I forfeit.”

I forfeit



Wipe out

Race car takes out some spectators.

Wipe out


128,000 Firecrackers at once

Turn up your speakers.


VIDEO: Fish grabs a man’s arm

This has to be one of the craziest fishing videos I have ever seen.

Shark Bait Fishing Video
Fly fishing in my mind and in reality
Giant Wolf Eel caught from Alaskan fishing boat
Reeling in a fish when suddenly
Quick Thinking Fisherman
Record northern pike story lives on

Video of man trapped under a moving train

Here is a video that will give you an anxiety attack.

This man is somehow trapped under a train (alcohol probably involved). His buddy films and basically tells him he’s screwed. This darwin award nominee decides to take the advice if his retarded buddy and tries to get out “between wheels.” Watch until the end. (NSFW language).