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Well, this is awkward

What kind of parade is this anyway? Childhood memories shattered.


The day he lost interest in soccer

The day he lost interest in soccer

Playing Doctor

Owned this Medical Kit toy as a kid. Cool to see one again.

Medical Kit toy
Image via Etsy

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Fundraiser Chocolate

Share or Like if you ever sold these for a fundraiser as a kid. Worst chocolate ever.

Fundraiser Chocolate

Some kids just grow up differently

Some kids just grow up differently

Best day of gym class ever

Pretty much went full on mental when I saw these at the start of gym class as a kid. Buy them here.

wooden scooter

Ice Cream Man

I pretty much became mental when I heard the music of this vehicle. I was all about the orange push-up.

Ice Cream Man
(via I’m Remembering)

Worst Easter ever

An Easter egg hunt to forget.

worst easter

Beware of bunny
The Easter Bunny’s evil twin
How People View Easter

Retro Fisher Price toy

They just don’t make toys like they used too. What was this Fisher Price thing called again?

Retro Fisher Price toy

The most coveted G.I. Joe toy ever

This picture shows one of the toys I always wanted as a kid and never got. Not sure I’m totally over it. Hail the G.I. Joe’s U.S.S. Flagg Playset – the envy of every Gen X boy.

(I’m Remembering)