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Jesse Pinkman’s Car For Sale

BB car 1

The 1984 Toyota Tercel 4WD driven by Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul’s character, in Breaking Bad is up for auction.

Mike Faris of Mike Faris Auto Wholesale in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the dealer the producers leased the car from for the show, says it’s been returned since they no longer need it. Mike is going to be auctioning the car this summer after the final episode of the show airs. The car’s market value is about $500 and it’s currently on display at the dealership’s lot.

breaking bad

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Breaking Bad car

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Breaking Bad Audition Tapes

Aaron Paul won an Emmy for playing Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. Here’s his audition read for the show.

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Breaking Bad star was on ‘The Price Is Right’ in 1998

Breaking Bad star was on 'The Price Is Right' in 1998

Breaking Bad star was on 'The Price Is Right' in 1998

From UPROXX: The Breaking Bad star was on The Tonight Show yesterday, and Jay Leno, in a rare moment of me not hating him, revealed that his production team had dug up 14-year-old footage of Paul, wearing a Texas t-shirt and glasses, freaking out, Pinkman-style, after he was told to “COME ON DOWN…BITCH.” Best of all, as Paul mentioned to Leno, a commercial of his ran during a Price Is Right ad break.

Watch the clip here.