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Random Duck Duck news

1. “Happy 9/11” Drawing Gets Restaurant Employee Fired (Read story)

Happy September 11th
2. IKEA introduces MANLAND for retail-weary men to hang out in while their wives shop. See it here.
3. Did you know that girls have more taste buds than boys do? Or that hippo sweat is red? And who knew that gorillas burp when they’re happy? Get more than 300 Weird But True kid-friendly facts with the new interactive app from National Geographic Kids!
4. Old folks are good fun. Webcam 101 for Seniors….

5. I just found out that if you press a number while watching a YouTube video, such as 4, you jump ahead 40%. Thanks for the tip Bag of Nothing.
6. Guns N’ Roses will tour this fall with a Minneapolis play on the Sunday, November 13, 2011. I will continue my ban on attending any rock concerts until the band fully reunites with at least Axl, Slash and Duff. I may be waiting a long time.


Old pictures of Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour

Axl Rose first saw Stephanie Seymour on the March 1991 cover of Playboy and insisted he had to meet her and cast her in his videos. Stephanie was dating Warren Beatty at the time. The couple eventually became engaged. After living together for two tempestuous years they broke up in 1993. Seymour claimed that Axl beat the crap out of her. If it’s true, I’ll never understand it.

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Would a reunited Guns N’ Roses band be the highest-grossing tour ever?

I have a running bet with a couple of my friends on whether or not Guns N’ Roses will reunite with Axl, Duff, and Slash. I think they will…someday. There is simply too much money to be had.

A good friend of mine who used to be a die-hard Guns fan (but now thinks U2 is the greatest band in existence) thinks they will NEVER reunite and that if they did reunite, their tour would not break any ticket records. He also adds that a reunited Guns N’ Roses tour would never break a top U2 tour in terms of gross tickets.

I disagree. Completely.

Take a look at the latest data on the top-grossing concert tickets of all time, and then take my poll.

Would Guns N' Roses reunite?

Would a reunited Guns N' Roses tour top any of these?

Top 5 80’s (early 90’s) Rock Screamers

I am a child of the 80’s. As a Gen Xer, I grew up listening to the hard rock, hair bands, and metal of the mid-eighties through early 90’s. I debate these groups on a somewhat regular basis over beers and wings with some of my musician friends. The argument on best lead vocals usually ends in a stalemate, but we all agree that very few singers in music today do it like these guys. 

Here are my picks for the 5 best 80’s (early 90’s) rock “screamers.” By “screamer,” I mean dudes who could wail like a banshee, hit notes like a chick, and still make it sound badass.  These choices are based only on vocal talent, uniqueness of sound, and to some degree their ability to hold notes for a long period of time. This is not a popularity contest, a debate on what band was cooler, or who had more hit singles.

#1 Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses)

#2 Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)

#3 Jeff Keith (Tesla)

#4 Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart)

#5 Michael Sweet (Stryper)

Who did I miss?