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Proof the download is dead

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Chris Cornell Mashes Up U2’s “One” & Metallica’s “One”


Chris Cornell performed an acoustic solo show last week in San Diego where he performed a mash-up featuring the music of U2’s “One” with the lyrics of Metallica’s “One”. This could have been a disaster, but it actually worked out quite nicely.

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Mitt Romney using U2’s old plane

Mitt Romney will be flying the friendly skies in an MD-83 that was used to transport Bono and his band between concert gigs during the U2 360° Tour from 2009 through 2011 in support of their 2009 album “No Line on the Horizon.”

Mitt Romney takes U2's plane on the campaign trail

Photo: Klaus Ecker

Mitt Romney takes U2's plane on the campaign trail

New song by U2

U2 has released a single to help support this week’s 20th anniversary release of Achtung Baby. “Blow Your House Down,” a track that appears on the 2CD, Super Deluxe and Uber Deluxe versions of Achtung Baby, was sent to North American radio stations as a digital download last week.


Would a reunited Guns N’ Roses band be the highest-grossing tour ever?

I have a running bet with a couple of my friends on whether or not Guns N’ Roses will reunite with Axl, Duff, and Slash. I think they will…someday. There is simply too much money to be had.

A good friend of mine who used to be a die-hard Guns fan (but now thinks U2 is the greatest band in existence) thinks they will NEVER reunite and that if they did reunite, their tour would not break any ticket records. He also adds that a reunited Guns N’ Roses tour would never break a top U2 tour in terms of gross tickets.

I disagree. Completely.

Take a look at the latest data on the top-grossing concert tickets of all time, and then take my poll.

Would Guns N' Roses reunite?

Would a reunited Guns N' Roses tour top any of these?