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Retro Liv Tyler

Retro Liv Tyler

Cindy Crawford’s First Cover Shot

Cindy Crawford modeling photo taken at age 16 while in high school in DeKalb. Shot in her boyfriend’s backyard, presumably by him. 

cindy crawford

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Keeping it real


Cool amateur radio stuff.

Runway models biting it on the catwalk

Two solid minutes of getting owned by the catwalk during runway fashion shows. My day is complete now.

Old pictures of Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour

Axl Rose first saw Stephanie Seymour on the March 1991 cover of Playboy and insisted he had to meet her and cast her in his videos. Stephanie was dating Warren Beatty at the time. The couple eventually became engaged. After living together for two tempestuous years they broke up in 1993. Seymour claimed that Axl beat the crap out of her. If it’s true, I’ll never understand it.

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