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Gymnastics training goes horribly wrong

funny Gymnastics training











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The elderly on computers

Watching our senior citizen community on computers can be painfully funny.

The elderly on computers

Bruno Mars speech

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars 2

Any special talents?

Interviewer asks: Any special talents?


Any special talents

(via the-absolute-best-gifs)

Some of the best GIFs of people getting wrecked ever

So wonderful. 

tumblr_mp638rAZhk1svlgeso9_400 tumblr_mp638rAZhk1svlgeso8_250 tumblr_mp638rAZhk1svlgeso7_250 tumblr_mp638rAZhk1svlgeso6_400 tumblr_mp638rAZhk1svlgeso5_500 tumblr_mp638rAZhk1svlgeso3_250 tumblr_mp638rAZhk1svlgeso2_250 tumblr_mp638rAZhk1svlgeso1_250 Little LEague Take that 21



Roomba coming through

Roomba Dog

Aaaaaannnnd F-You!

kids with gramma


Beer Darts

Beer Darts



The Law and Order drinking game
Michael Jackson drinking vodka with midgets.
Battleshots – A new board game for the strategic drinker


Hi drunk Santa.

Hi drunk Santa.

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Fun with laser pointer

Prank ingredients: 1 dog, 1 laser pointer, and 1 sleeping person.

laser pointer prank
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