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Ford pranks unsuspecting drivers at a car wash

I would probably need some interior detailing done after going through this. Continue reading

Guy dressed as vampire pranks random people on the street at night

Youtube prankster Ed Bassmaster hits the streets of Philly and terrorizes people. Continue reading

Czech Guy Pranks His Friend Hardcore

This paranormal ghost prank may require some long-term therapy. Continue reading

Pranks Gone Wrong

Ultimate Compilation 2014. Continue reading

Wake Up Pranks

The best wake up prank videos on the internet. Continue reading

Quick and Simple April Fool’s Day Pranks

Let me know how these work out for you. Continue reading


Here are some ways to make shopping more fun. Continue reading

One of the funniest pranks of all time

One of the best roomate pranks of all time involves buttering the floor. Watch the practical joke here. Continue reading

Milwaukee Guy Paints “Welcome To Cleveland” Sign On Roof To Mess With Airplane Passengers

The result has been planeloads of freaked out travelers thinking they had boarded the wrong plane or seriously missed a connection. Continue reading


Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar of TrueStoryASA prankster team scare people on the street by making them think they shoot each other. Continue reading