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Gymnastics training goes horribly wrong

funny Gymnastics training











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Drunk people getting hurt

No better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a compilation of drunk people getting hurt. Salute!

Couple Fails Compilation

Dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

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Ultimate Redneck Fails Compilation

Some people who might be missing a few vital genetic components.


People getting hurt doing Parkour

This video will make you cringe.


Cameraman Fails Compilation


Ladder Fails Compilation

Great videos of people being owned by ladders.

The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2012

The kind of s*** that happens when you YOLO. Tighten up ladies.

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Video clips of people getting wrecked on trampolines

The Ultimate Trampoline Fails Compilation.

The Ultimate Trampoline Fails Compilation.


2011 Fail Compilation

A funny collection of people challenging the laws of physics and losing. Losing hard.

(via TwistedNerderland)