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Figure skater gets tombstoned

Dorthe Skappel is a Norwegian television personality, journalist, and former model who appeared on a Norwegian version of Dancing with the Stars, except it included dancing on ice skates. She took a fall that probably should have killed her. She did survive and make a full recovery.


Original video


How to fit your girlfriend for a neck brace

Good thing they saved her from all of that super hard water in exchange for some awkward impact on some shock absorbent steel.

Skateboard stunt gone wrong

If you want to put a wooden box on a skateboard and ride it down a street with a steep hill, you may want to do a trial run first. 


Skateboarder comes dangerously close to being struck by car. Continue reading

Crazy Dashcam Videos


VIDEO: Ultimate Martial Arts Fails

Three-and-a-half minutes of people hurting themselves or others while doing martial arts.

Parasailing Double Fail

OMG I cannot stop laughing.

March 2012 FAIL Compilation

Human destruction and stupidity captured with video. Enjoy.