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Zach LaVine’s reaction to joining the Timberwolves

Zach LaVine

What happens when you bounce an over-inflated basketball


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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Rutgers Coach Physically Abuses Players During Practice

Rutgers coach

AP Photo via ABC news of coach Rice

Rutgers University fired men’s basketball coach Mike Rice this morning after ESPN aired a web gem of him shoving and kicking players while berating them with gay slurs. See the video evidence below. Full Story

Air Jordan

Michael Jordan’s personal jet.

Michael Jordan's personal jet.

Other cool Jordan stuff.

Kid gets caught ogling cheerleader at Hawks game

A child at last Wednesday’s game between the Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards grew up before everyone’s eyes. He was caught on camera checking out the goods as a cheerleader came by with a tray full of candy.


I think it is safe to say Milk Duds are now his favorite candy and he is no longer interested in basketball, toys, or school.

Kyrie Irving Plays a Pick-Up Game Disguised as Old Guy

NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving went to a basketball pick-up game in Bloomfield, NJ and pretended to be, “Uncle Drew”, an elderly uncle of one of the players. This marketing stunt was put together for Pepsi MAX.

Ready to roooocck!?

Ready to roooocck!?!?! Basketball announcer James Bates falls on his ass after his stool breaks. I thought he handled it pretty well.

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Will Ferrell announces the starting lineup for the New Orleans Hornets

You’re doing it right

Fan distracts Tony Parker with a life-size picture of Eva Longoria. 

Fan distracts Tony Parker with a life-size picture of Eva Longoria.

How do I basketball?

Have you seen my basketball?

Kevin Love