The most versatile grilling spatula ever

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Stake – Grip It. Flip It. Serve It.

This summer, show off more than your cooking! Stake is an all-in-one BBQ tool which transforms from spatula to fork to tongs. Now you can flip burgers, grip chicken legs, and spike hot dogs without breaking a sweat.

-Functions as tongs, a spatula, or a fork
-Smooth leaf spring mechanism makes tongs easy to use
-Fork slides out for use and tucks safely into spatula for storage
-Handles can be locked together or opened with one quick motion
-Brushed stainless steel
-Sturdy wooden handles

-18.5″ long with the fork tucked in, 21.25″ long with fork extended
-3.75″ wide spatula, 1″ wide handles
-1.125″ height with handles locked together, 4″-5″ height when tongs open

Buy it here for under $30.

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