Giant crocodile captured alive in Philippines

Hunters and villagers in the south Philippines captured alive a one-ton saltwater crocodile this week. The 21-foot male croc was captured along a creek in Bunawan township in Agusan del Sur province. Captured after a three week hunt, the massive crocodile killed a water buffalo in an attack witnessed by several village residents. (Source: AP)

Villagers and veteran hunters in Bunawan township Philippines have captured a one-ton saltwater crocodile after a three-week hunt. The 21-foot male crocodile is suspected of having attacked a fisherman who went missing in July. About 100 people had to pull the crocodile, which weighs about 2,370 pounds. It could be one of the largest crocodiles to be captured alive. They plan to make the croc the star attraction of a planned ecotourism park in a southern Philippine town. (Full story) Related story about the 880 pound alligator some Dallas attorney killed awhile back.

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