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It’s a miracle!

It's a miracle!

Duluth cop caught on tape punching a guy in a wheelchair

Duluth cop caught on tape punching a guy in a wheelchair

Again I find myself posting another video of an angry cop taking things too far. The following video is disturbing, so you have been warned.

Duluth Police officer Richard Jouppi, 34, was caught on video decking a 50-year-old intoxicated wheelchair-bound man repeatedly in the face. The man who was taken into a detox center was being ordered to take his jacket off, he mouthed off about throwing his jacket at a female worker. When he went to take his jacket off the cop placed his hands on the man, as the cop used progressively more force, the man swatted the cop’s face, the cop responded by unleashing a torrent of entirely disproportionate blows on the wheelchair-bound man’s face.

The detox worker, who was completely shocked, almost intervened in a Regina Tasca-esque moment stepping towards the cop and saying, “Dude!”

The cop immediately responded saying, “Shut up! Back up! I’ll arrest you too!”

After the shocked bookkeeper backed off, the cop scolded her saying, “You don’t think people in a wheelchair can assault people?”

“Yeah, but..”

“Turns out he just did.”

More to the story

The guy in the wheelchair had been in a fight earlier that evening and was hammered. That is also why he is in a wheelchair. NOT because he was crippled. Does it make a difference? 

How about this?

This is the fifth complaint filed against Jouppi during the two years he has been with Duluth Police. He is accused of tipping off a friend that he was being investigated for criminal sexual misconduct. Jouppi had just signed a “last chance” agreement with Duluth Police. 

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Today is the Day We Take the Stairs

Thanks for the motivation!

Today is the Day We Take the Stairs

Another escalator fail

Seriously, I am just using the stairs from here on out. These escalators are deadly.

escalator fail

Here is another one involving a wheelchair. Brutal.

Meanwhile, at a Megadeth concert in NYC

Meanwhile, at a Megadeth concert in NYC