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Seth Godin explains that we need a narrative to make sense of and feel right about the world around us.

The media needs a narrative

In fact, The War of the Worlds did not cause mass hysteria when it first aired. It was a story fanned by radio-fearing tabloid newspapers.

In fact, Pam (eBay founder Pierre’s wife) did not need a place to buy and sell Pez dispensers. This is a tale invented by a PR person and repeated by tech-phobic journalists eager for a simple story.

In fact, Columbus wasn’t surrounded by flat-earth believing denialists before he ‘discovered’ America. This was amplified by Washington Irving (!) in a book that was largely invented without much research.

And George Washington didn’t cut down the cherry tree and Robin Hood didn’t do all those cool tricks in green tights.

The media isn’t the one that needs a narrative… we do. We need to make sense of what’s around us, not just the true things that really happened, but the fictional ones that we know didn’t.

All this myth-making reminds us just how strongly wired we are to believe in things that both make sense and feel right. They feel right because of who told us, and when. Culture creates reality.

Dealing with anger

Good advice here from Seth Godin on how to handle anger.

Does anger follow the laws of thermodynamics?

I have no idea what caused the guy in front of me in traffic to be having a bad day.

Maybe he has a stressful meeting coming up, or his butler burned his bacon at breakfast. Maybe he’s having trouble paying his rent, or his industry is under seige. All I know is that he’s weaving in and out, giving people the finger and yelling at other cars, all at the same time.

Unlike cupcakes, anger isn’t conserved.

If I have a cupcake and I give it to you, I don’t have a cupcake any more. But if someone who is angry gives you their anger, now you both might have it.

You’ve seen it too many times before. Someone is afraid, untethered or just upset about something that happened long before you walked into the room. Unbridled agita is dumped on you, spittle flying, eyes wide, personal invective unfiltered. Just feet away, the angry person is saying, “here,” and dumping vitriol in your direction.

All connection gets severed, any chance for positive engagement seems long gone. The opportunity, it seems, is to pick up some of that anger and throw it right back, where it came from.

And now, of course, both of you are having a bad day.

Shared anger destroys trust. It eliminates dialogue. It activates the lizard brain of everyone within earshot, and produces nothing of value.

No credit goes to the person who vents, who opens his spleen and shares his anger. No points for bravery or honesty or getting in touch with his feelings. Anger shared is not anger ameliorated.

Talk about it, don’t talk with it. Point it out, and then leave it there, on the floor, where, unengaged, the anger can’t help but wither and die.

Assorted advice. Take it or leave it.

Seth Godin posted nuggets of advice for living life. Here’s that advice. Take it or leave it. Seth Godin has lots of great books too. 

Assorted tips. I hope they help.

No stranger or unknown company will ever contact you by mail or by phone with an actual method for making money easily or in your spare time. And if the person or company contacting you asserts that they are someone you know, double check before taking action.
Don’t have back surgery. See a physiatrist first, then exhaust all other options before exploring back surgery.
Borrow money to buy things that go up in value, but never to get something that decays over time.
Placebos are underrated by almost everyone.
It’s almost never necessary to use a semicolon.
Seek out habits that help you overcome fear or inertia. Destroy those that do the opposite.
Cognitive behavorial therapy is generally considered both the quickest and most effective form of addressing many common psychological problems.
Backup your hard drive.
Get a magnetic key hider, put a copy of your house key in it and hide it really well, unlabeled, two blocks from your house.
A rice cooker will save you time and money and improve your diet, particularly if you come to like brown rice.
Consider not eating wheat for an entire week. The results might surprise you.
Taking your dog for a walk is usually better than whatever alternative use of your time you were considering.

Told you they were assorted.

Random Duck News

Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips

1. Is it just me, or do Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips taste different now? It’s like they changed the ingredients or something. If you have noticed this, please reply.

2. How much bubble wrap would you need to wrap yourself in if you wanted to jump out of a first story window and survive? Click here to find out.

3. The first camera-phone image taken was this.

4. Political correctness run amok. Nursery World Magazine reported that Anne O’Connor, who is an “equality and diversity consultant” for school districts, thinks we should replace white writing paper with other colored paper in the classroom and replace witches’ black hats with a pink ones for Halloween as a way to prevent kids from becoming racist.

5. Facebook is kinda becoming terrifying I think. I have seen it ruin relationships. I have seen  updates from people that make them look bad. I have “friends” that have completely dropped any form of human interaction and insist to only be communicated with via Facebook.  I’m not saying Facebook is all bad. A lot of it is fun. I just wonder what the long-term ramifications of it will be. Here are some things about Facebook that should scare you:
– Why You Never Really Log Out of Facebook – here

– Why Facebook Integration Is Actually Antisocial – here

– A List of Creepy Things Facebook Will Remember Forever – here

6. Here is some good insight on the recession, and why it is here to stay. Factories were at the center of the industrial age. That age is now over due to new technology and efficiency that does everything faster, cheaper, and smarter. If you want to save American jobs by creating more factories, you can’t. We don’t need those jobs anymore. Seth Godin says “Job creation is a false idol,” and explains why here.


Rush - 1978

7. So the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced nominations this week. RUSH apparently was snubbed again despite having the more gold and platinum albums than any artist except The Beatles (#1) and Elvis (#2).