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Strange and funny news

Husky Girl Not Allowed to Dance – Read Story

104-Year-Old Granny Is World’s Oldest Paraglider – Read Here

Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman

Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman

Slayer’s guitarist pulls out of world tour while he recovers from a flesh-eating disease caused by a spider bite. Full Story.

CCTV images show MI6 spy Gareth Williams in a lift (elevator) at Holland Park Tube station in August 2010.

UK spy found in sports bag likely killed (Gee, ya think?) – [Story]

Teenage Girls Run Over While Sunbathing on Road – [Read]

New Jersey mother arrested after fair-skinned daughter, FIVE, was severely burned when she took her to a tanning salon – [Read]

Man sues BMW after motorcycle seat allegedly causes 2-year erection. This gives new meaning to crotch rocket. [Full story, thankfully with NO PHOTOS]

Tanning Evolution

Tanning Evolution

Snooki’s baby registry


So Snooki is pregnant. Where do you stand now pro-lifers?! Justin kidding… Although this means that she will be responsible for the emotional and intellectual guidance of a human being, I am excited for her. We are eagerly waiting to see what will be on her baby gift registry. Here are some ideas. 

Snooki’s baby registry
A 9-month supply of fried pickles
Bambino on Board car window sign
A 50 gallon drum of baby oil for tanning
A tanning crib
Animal print onesieis
Jersey Shore coloring books
GTL baby bib (like this)
Baby diaper before the diaper or “t-shirt time” baby wife beaters
Infant sunglasses

What do think should be on her registry?