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Video shows St. Paul cop kicking man in the throat

Video shows St. Paul cop kicking man in the throat

This five-minute video shows a man, identified in a police report as Eric R. Hightower, 30, on his stomach on the sidewalk as an officer stands over him. Hightower yells that he didn’t do anything. At one point, he starts to cough and the officer appears to kick him near his neck. That officer has been identified as St. Paul PD Officer, Jesse Zilge.

From the StarTribune:
Hightower had an order issued for his arrest because he made a threat about possibly injuring or killing someone he had a relationship with, Smith said.

The report lists the reasons for his arrest as felony assault, including terroristic threats, obstructing the legal process and criminal damage to property.

Hightower has not been charged, but Ramsey County attorney’s office spokesman Dennis Gerhardstein said that the office expects to issue charges Thursday.

Zilge’s personnel record was not immediately available. Smith said he didn’t know whether the officer had any disciplinary actions in his record and promised answers soon.

I think we need to hear why the officer kicked him, but it’s apparent there’s no good excuse for it. This kind of thing is begin captured on camera more and more and that is a good thing. The camera doesn’t lie, and protects both the public and the police.

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Want to fake kill Osama bin Laden?

Bin Laden killed repeatedly in Twin Cities suburb game

Bin Laden killed repeatedly in Twin Cities suburb game

In St. Paul, Minnesota, a former Navy Seal, Larry Yatch, is offering people who fantasize about killing other people a chance to participate in a reenactment of the Seal raid that executed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani compound last year.

This isn’t a real military operation. It’s a high-end role-playing game. People pay $325 to re-enact the bin Laden raid. Although the mission is fake, Yatch, Sealed Mindset’s president, is a real Navy SEALs vet. He opened the 10,000-square-foot studio with his wife Anne in April. So far, 137 people have signed up to pretend to kill a man wearing a white robe and a fake beard.

They should try to capture him alive, unless he starts shooting back. “If he presents a lethal threat, take him out,” Yatch instructed. “I don’t want to have to write a letter to any of your parents, okay?”

The company offers 73 defense classes each month and “live scenario trainings” designed to mimic actual threats. Yatch has set up fake kidnappings, fake carjackings, and even a fake shooting by a disgruntled employee.

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St. Paul kid with bo stick

Old video of 8-year-old martial artist and future actor Wayne Dalgish’s bo stick performance will impress and scare you at the same time. He is from St. Paul, MN by the way. I would not want to get in a fight with this kid a billiard hall.

(via Blame it on the Voices)