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The Replacements

The Replacements

With my friends, I always felt a little out of place. I like sports and stuff, but I never quite. … [trails off] Everybody I knew liked to go swimming and fishing and hunting and to football games. I didn’t fit that. I never remember feeling truly comfortable with any of my friends. There was stuff I wanted to tell them that they would laugh at when I tried to explain it. They’d say, ‘Guys don’t talk that way.’ And I was afraid of girls, which is another thing guys aren’t supposed to talk about. So I wrote songs instead.

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His Purpleness

Prince mugs for the camera.


Nirvana Words of Wisdom


Other Nirvana stuff

Long Live Rock

Retro bumper sticker speaking truths even today.

Retro bumper sticker speaking truths even today.

Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly 1959

Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly, January 1959(via RETROGASM)


The Marshall Amp Mini-Fridge

Marshall soon will be selling a fridge that looks like a guitar amp stack (and yes it goes to eleven). According to the Marshall Fridge’s website, the product won’t be available until October and will cost roughly $300. Other Marshall gear can be found here.

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