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Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Cookie bars

Remember the Girl Scout cookie-flavored Nestlé Crunch Bars I told you about a while ago? They are very real. They are coming to stores in June for a limited time. Good thing I am a hoarder. In addition to individual full-sized bars, there will also be boxes — boxes! — of smaller, “fun-sized” bars. Dessert just got real.

Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookies reality

Shut up and just take my money

This mysterious, tantalizing image of an unreleased Girl Scouts-branded Thin Mints Nestle Crunch bar showed up on the internet within the last 24-hours, but there’s no real information about it. However, the package is clearly marked “Cookie Flavors” so it seems as though this sales sample could be the start of an entire line of limited edition Girl Scouts candy bars. Until we know for sure, go buy some regular Girl Scout cookies here.

Girl Scouts-branded Thin Mints Nestle Crunch bar

Cool ad for KIT KAT

Clever use of bus bench advertising from Nestle to promote the KIT KAT chocolate bar.
Cool ad for KIT KAT