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Freelance Hobo-ing

White male privilege is a myth, guys. However, we do occasionally panhandle as a novelty.


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Homeless guy was grrrrrrrrateful

The Toronto Blue Jay’s gave away small boxes of Frosted Flakes after a ballgame the other day. This homeless guy benefited.

Homeless guy Greatful


NYPD cop picture goes viral

It’s not often we get to show the world something good about a cop even though thousands of them do good every day. Here is an example of what’s meant when we say, “they aren’t all bad” or “most cops are good.”

A photograph taken by a passing tourist of Mr Deprimo kneeling down to help the man put the shoes on was later posted to the New York Police Department’s Facebook page

A tourist snapped this photo of Officer Deprimo kneeling down to help the man put the shoes on was later posted to the New York Police Department’s Facebook page and has since been viewed 1.6 million times. Officer Lawrence Deprimo bought a pair of socks and boots for the homeless man after noticing he was barefooted in freezing temperatures.

If you are one of those people who hate copes, maybe this story will change your mind about them. If anything, I hope it inspires you to do something nice for someone in need this holiday season.

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Anti-homeless bus stop bench

Not a place to rest your head if you are living on the streets.

Anti-homeless bus stop bench

Feeding the homeless

You can just buy a homeless guy something to eat, or you can try this…


The story of Tom Brusko

I am a firm believer that a good percentage of the homeless people in America choose to stay on the streets rather than take the help that is out there for them. I also know that mental illness, addiction, and any criminal record basically ruins any chances of getting a job or qualifying for a place to live if you ae trying to do it all by yourself. This can be a life sentence for those who truly want to right their wrongs and contribute to society again.

I think we as Americans need to look more at helping those in need on our own streets before cutting a check to help those in other countries. You don’t have to give cash to a guy like Vietnam vet Tom Brusko (shown in video below). Sometimes a hamburger, some toiletries, or pair of tennis shoes can give them the hope that someone cares and that they should keep going. I don’t care what political party you are part of, helping people without judging should just happen once in awhile.

Watch this story about a homeless Vietnam vet named Tom Brusko (a.k.a., Epic Beard Man)  in Oakland. He may have done this to himself, but he’s hurting and that sucks. There are millions like him across the U.S. Maybe this will encourage you to not look away next time you see someone like him.