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PETA Calls For Minnesota Hunter to Be “Hanged”

Story of Minnesota dentist who killed a protected lion has shut down his office and went into hiding. Continue reading

Photo of All the Bacteria Growing on a Child’s Hand

8 year old’s hand after playing outside. Continue reading

Huge caterpillar

What’s the wingspan on this chubby caterpillar when it’s done doing the metamorphosis thing? Continue reading

The 10 most disgusting foods

Does the U.S. have a delicatessen considered nasty by people in other counties? Continue reading

Montreal restaurant brawl caught on tape

Revellers at a Chinese restaurant rang in the New Year with a booze-fuelled brawl that caused thousands of dollars in damage. Continue reading

Contagian billboards promote with real bacteria

To promote the Steven Soderberdh film Contagian, Warner Brothers Canada turned to Lowe Roche to create two billboards that functioned as giant petri dishes which were then injected with bacteria. Over the course of a week, the bacteria grew to form the name of the movie being promoted.
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