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John Lennon auditioning for ‘The Voice’

A funny look at how this might go down.

Reality Show Idea


I’d watch.

Indian Talent Show Escalates Quickly

Warriors of Goja are pretty nuts. Watch if you can. The music gives it a hint of creepiness.

Thanks Jr.

I don’t do Karate, I do Kar-azay

"I don't do Karate, I do Kar-azay."

“I don’t do Karate, I do Kar-azay.” Bernice

Quite possibly the best piece of reality television I have seen all year. If you haven’t tuned in to South Beach Tow, you need to. Wednesday’s at 9:30 on TruTV.

MTV finally answers why they don’t play music videos anymore

It’s like he was speaking right at me from 2:40 on. Chilling.

How much cocaine was around in 1988?

How much cocaine was around in 1988? This video answers that question I think. I had no idea shows like this existed back in the day, but as Best Roof Talk Ever suggested, it might be due for a comeback.