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An example of how to get after it

This man lost his job and is struggling to provide for his family. Yesterday he was standing outside of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. He was not asking for hand outs. He is doing what it takes to get back on his feet.

He is a Health and Wellness Coordinator and Human Resources Generalist. Here is his LinkedIn profilehttp://www.linkedin.com/in/donaldgrooms



Louis C.K. on immigration

Louis C.K. on immigration

What a great job idea

Craigslist ad for a Professional Bearer of Bad News. Click to view larger. 

Craigslist ad for a Professional Bearer of Bad News


Classic Jerky Boys: Car Salesman Position

Warning: Language

Nobody’s job is safe

job security
You think she’s got a boy friend?

HR at Popeyes

HR at Popeyes


Art and literature students

Art and literature students


Inside the Google HQ

Inside the Google HQ

Outrageous Job Applications

Apparently, 75,000 Applied for 2,000 Chicago McJobs. If this news doesn’t tell you the economy and job market is still bad, then look at these for hire postings and job applications. (via Runt of the Web)