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A Blonde and a Great White Shark

Seriously, this lady is crazy. Did they tell her it was a dolphin?

Diving with sharks
Prank sends friend overboard with actual shark in the water
A cause I can get behind.
It’s a beautiful day at the beach.
Kayaker who was tailed by great white shark: ‘I paddled like there was no tomorrow’

First Dive Fail

It’s a long road to Olympic gold.

First Dive Fail
via Fail Army

Diving with sharks

Shark adventure options for those who are into that sort of thing.

Family Friendly

Tube with sharks – Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island Bahamas

Shark cage diving

Shark cage diving

Shark cage diving

Look into Great White Adventures or Brian Mcfarlane Shark Cage Diving.

Acrylic Tube Diving

shark tubeShark tube

The acrylic tube diving is harder to find info on. I think most dive companies are probably using a traditional metal cage because you don’t have to be certified scuba diver. More experienced divers may want to seek out the acrylic tube diving option. I am sure one of these places will offer it. 18 of the best places to swim with sharks Click Here. If you have a suggestion for this type of diving, please share.

Cool books about sharks

Diving gear and supplies to keep you safe

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