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At least they used their turn signal

Idiot decides to make a pretty unsafe lane change and we all get to enjoy the consequences.

92 year-old crashes into 9 cars in parking lot
2 Cars Crash Behind a Live News Shot

Baby flung from car after crash, comes within inches of being run over
Flight of the SUV
Terrifying POV video of a person in their car being swept away by the Japanese tsunami.
Crazy driver gets lucky


South Minneapolis couple injured in car accident with squirrel

smart car

92 year-old crashes into 9 cars in parking lot

Time to take grandpa’s license away.

Why you need to check the clearance on that trailer you’re towing

Pretty sure this guy didn’t make it.

Drive up bank gif

Source: ilovewhenugethurt

Baby flung from car after crash, comes within inches of being run over

Crazy dashcam footage captured a 1-year-old Russian girl being ejected from a car after a crash, then narrowly escaping being run over by a semi-truck. Watch!

Are dashcams a trendy thing to have now or are all of these videos from police cars?

Auto Accident Video Compilation

Jumping a ditch

car jumps ditch

Very lucky woman

Now this is what I call a very close call. And the irony of what almost took her life is very amusing to me.


Pictures of a 52-vehicle pile-up on the Autobahn

Wrecked vehicles piled into each other on Autobahn A31 after a multiple collision caused by thick fog near Heek, northern Germany, 19 November 2011. Three people lost their lives and 35 others were injured, some seriously. A total of 52 vehicles were involved in the accident. See all of the pictures here.

All photos: © ANP

All photos: © ANP

What a head-on crash looks like

This crash looked devastating. Wear your seat belts and put down your f’ing cellphones people. (via Bits and Pieces)