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Turkey with Stefon

Turkey with Stefon

VIDEO: US Navy sailors assaulted in Turkey


A group of radical Turkish nationalists roughed up a trio of U.S. Navy servicemen in Istanbul on Wednesday, pulling bags over their heads and shouting, “Yankees go home!” in an incident captured on video. The soldiers were on day leave in Istanbul and just trying to enjoy the city. The video ends with them running for safety.

This should not surprise us. Nearly 73% of Turkey have stated they basically hate the U.S. in a recent poll. How do we respond? By giving them billions in aid over the years. 

F*** You Turkey!

Is This the Worst Death Scene in Movie History?

Is This the Worst Death Scene in Movie History?

I am not an expert on foreign films (or any movies for that matter), but this might be the worst acting I have ever seen for a death scene. Might be the worst acting I have ever seen period. And that includes ALL Nicolas Cage movies.

The 1974 film from Turkey is called ‘Kareteci Kiz’ (Karate Girl) and it follows the story of a young girl who becomes a policewoman and seeks revenge against criminals who murdered her father and husband.

In this clip, the protagonist uses poorly choreographed karate and an obvious prop gun to take down a baddie with a ‘stache that would give Tom Selleck a boner.

Time to push this one to the top of the Netflix queue.

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Blind Daddy

Blind Daddy

Sesame Street Thanksgiving

Where’s Big Bird?Sesame Street Thanksgiving