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Catching a giant spider FAIL

Man reacts appropriately when his attempt at trapping a giant spider goes horribly wrong.

Woman films HUGE spider as it crawls on her face

Excuse me while I take the NOPE train out of here.

Pine needles you say? Think again.

Prepare to be creeped out.

Terrifying Video of Spiders Everywhere in Brazil

This video shows thousands of Anelosimus eximius spiders showering the sky in Santo Antônio de Plantina, Brazil. They will also be showering my dreams tonight.

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Spider Found Living In Woman’s Ear Canal
Snake-eating spider
Brown Recluse spider bite

Welcome to my nightmare

Guy tries to kill a spider. Watch to see what happens. I would be catatonic.

Spider explosion

Big pregnant mama spider gets squashed, and thousands of her baby spiders erupt all over the floor. The stuff of nightmares are made of.

(via Blame it on the Voices)